Drones 101

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Uses of Drones

Drones are very versatile. They started out for a few, select tasks, but now their functionality and capabilities are increasing quickly. They can be used for just about anything, from saving lives to delivering packages to just having fun. The possibilities are endless!

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Technology in Drones

If you think about it, all drones are super high-tech. It takes a lot of advanced technology to be able to fit a computer, camera, receiver, and more into a small plastic container. 10 years ago, we could have produced few of those parts at the size we need them today, and those that we could weren't cheap.

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Concerns with Drones

When you think about having a small object capable of being remotely controlled and of using a camera, you realize just how concerning the use of a drone can be. The potential issues of drones range from the invasion of privacy to security issues to being plain annoying. Howeve simple each may sound, there are lots of effects and solutions of varying success of each; for example, there are several laws in place regarding passenger planes and their hopefully nonexistent interactions with drones.

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